Thank You, Sam & Mattie

The project that started it all, Sam & Mattie. Last night, the first project we worked on together premiered in Providence, Rhode Island. Sam & Mattie are two teens from Rhode Island who met in elementary school while competing for The Special Olympics. They were fast friends and co-conspirators, both dreaming of creating an “epic teen zombie movie.” With the support of friends, family, and supporters from around the country, last night that dream came true.

Volunteering for this project (filmed in 2015) helped us realize the way our diverse skills and production backgrounds complemented each other. It also uncovered our shared passion for telling stories that matter (even when it involves blood, guts and goofy teenagers). Last night, we got to watch Sam and Mattie bask in the spotlight, enjoying the results of their hard work and big dreams. We even got to participate on stage during a Q&A session lead by Peter Farrelly! Can’t think of a better way to capture the essence of why we created Wild Free Studios. Thanks, Sam & Mattie, for teaching the rest of us to chase after our wildest dreams.