Co-Founder, Executive Director, Cinematographer

Jonathan Fambrough

You can switch lives with anyone for a week, who would it be?

Anthony Bourdain.  All that travel. All that food. All those fascinating interviews!

Tell us about one company or organization that inspires you and why.

There’s a guy named Father Pedro Opeka, “Apostle of the Garbage People” in Madagascar.  He leads an organization called Madagascar Foundation (in English). He’s one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met for a multitude of reasons, but the overarching theme being he understands how to be a partner and walk in solidarity with the poor.

You’ve got a private airplane and a blank check, where would you go?

I’d make sure the plane had floats, and then island hop off the south coast of Thailand and Cambodia. See where the wind took me!

It’s your last meal. What’s on the menu?

Best of both land and sea : steak and lobster!

What are you doing when you feel most at home?

Exploring a new place or enjoying a great meal with those I love.

What does Wild and Free mean to you?

When I think about my life, this is one of those phrases I hope I will be remembered for. Wild and Free is a state of heart as much as it is a lifestyle or path. It isn’t just about the obvious tangible elements, but it’s about an inspiring, intoxicating type of belief in something better – a life lived with intention and passion, guided by compassion and love.