Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Field Producer

Suzy Beck

You can switch lives with anyone for a week, who would it be?

Anthony Bourdain, the world-traveling chef, or someone who lives on a deserted island by the ocean, pulls their food out of the ocean, and cooks it on a fire every day. 

Tell us about one company or organization that inspires you and why.

I have been so deeply changed and inspired by the opportunity to work with all of the partners of  HERE-is-WHYOne of my favorite experiences was collaborating and making a film with the Mufindi Children’s Village in Tanzania, where the fabric of a community ravaged by HIV is being restored through health clinics, family-based child care, education and rebuilding of community support networks.

You’ve got a private airplane and a blank check, where would you go?

First stop, Vietnam. I would backpack through the Central Highlands. Then maybe Japan, Indonesia, Central African Republic, Brazil, and Peru. Anywhere remote and warm, with amazing food.

It’s your last meal. What’s on the menu?

Hmm … Just one thing? Vietnamese Pho Soup. Or a fresh Peruvian Ceviche. Or Kobe Beef made Korean BBQ Style.

What are you doing when you feel most at home?

Riding my bike, hiking in nature, driving on a scenic adventure with my mom, or traveling with just a backpack, a translator, and our camera equipment in some exotic place with Jonathan!

What does Wild and Free mean to you?

Wild and Free means forgetting what you’ve been taught about fitting into a system. Forgetting how to be “normal”… forgetting “the grind” … going full force at something that feels right to YOU. Following YOUR heart. It means taking risks and make “crazy” decisions because they feel right. Trusting your gut. Taking risks & chances… saying YES without overthinking… feeling the warm wind in your hair and letting yourself breathe.